Use of Personal Information Policy

Our 'Use of Personal Information Policy' describes what information we collect and how we use that information. We do not use any form of tracking technologies, such as cookies, which are stored on your device past your visit to our website. However, during your visit we do create a session cookie which is used to pass information and functions between pages as you browse through the site. This session cookie does not contain any personal information that can identify you in any way; it's only function is to pass any choices you make on one page across to the next page.


When you submit any form through this website, in addition to the information you supply in the form fields, we collect your IP address which is used to record your consent for us to contact you in regard to your query. If you consent to us sending you information about new products or services from Lang and Potter then we will also record this consent.

Recording consent is a requirement of the General Data Protecion Regulation which is designed to protect you from unsolicited contact and to ensure your information is only used as you consent it to be.


We use the information we collect to correspond with you and to provide evidence of lawful contact to any authority instructed to investigate that we comply with data protection regulations.

We will never divuldge any information supplied to any other company or individual outside of Lang and Potter Holdings Limited.

Whilst we hold your information every effort will be made to ensure that it is kept secure and that only members of staff who are dealing directly with your query have access to your details.


If you have any queries you can contact our Data Controller by sending an email to