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The wonderful world of Soft Furnishings

27th March 2009

In our first ever blog we are going to talk about Soft furnishings.. “Ooo” I hear you say “How exciting!” yes I know but lets all calm down and remember at some point in our life we all do have to think about it, those things that make a home or a work place comfortable dare i say special, curtains, cushions, throws, blinds, yes the wonderful world of soft furnishings can be a daunting place but over the next few weeks we will try and help you through it. First of all some basics..

Now the one thing to remember is that when it comes to your own space there is no such thing as taste only personal opinion…

bad-curtain-15Lovely aren’t they… however there is no excuse for bad quality, so no matter how you decide to furnish that special place make sure the items are well made and the fabrics are the very best you can afford.

Shop around! Walk in to Chelsea harbour design centre and ask a posh shop assistant for 6 meters of fabric and expect to walk out with something gorgeous and no money left for the bus let alone the cab ride home. Using Lang and Potter as an example we have lots of designer fabrics that are what we call end of rolls, originally full rolls used on lavish projects and now sitting in our stores with a few metres left. Zimmer and Rhodes, Romo, Designers Guild, Harlequin, Zoffany are just some of the famous names we have sitting in the dark, no real use to us anymore but would make a wonderful set of cushions or curtains for the home… See where I’m going? I’ve said enough..

Well made will last a life time.. Remember that TV show?  You know? The interior design program that changed the face of our industry made the common man and woman interested in interior design again, sales of MDF soared and frilly cuffs meant you could turn a sows ear into a silk purse all in the space of an half an hour show.

Before…       bedroom3                                    After…bedroom-21   

Get my point? I’ll say it again Quality.. One more time with cuffs..QUALITY.. don’t expect to turn your home into Shangri-La in half an hour spend your time and money on soft furnishings that are made to last, if you are trained in the art of fabric manufacture great but if you’ve found your mums sewing machine under the stairs and think to yourself  “it cant be that hard”  remember you want to create a living space and a style that will last so leave it to the professionals you’d be surprised how little it can cost and the benefits will be obvious.

Well that’s it for number one, I hope you will keep an eye out for number two. Take a look at the rest of our site via the links on the left and if you need any help or advice then please call we’d be happy to help with your design ideas, we might even suggest some fabrics from our end of rolls if you ask nicely!

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